This is the draft of your Neighbourhood Development Plan for Aldbourne.

We now need your feedback. Click here to download the Plan and please email your comments to

This draft Aldbourne Neighbourhood Plan is a carefully written and formal document, so our consultants – Place Studio – have offered the following advice to help you make the best use of your time in reading and commenting.

  • With just text and a few key illustrations, the plan may look a bit dull – for now. The final version will look much more like the properly presented Design Statement that you’ve already seen, with lots more photos and maps.
  • You can probably just look quickly through to page 12, then pages 13 and 14 are important to set the overall aims of the plan.
  • Section 4 sets out, in text and on a map, the basic limits to new development.
  • Note that the three sites shown in amber/orange as ‘possible’ are as yet just that. Further assessment work is still needed because two sites are in the AONB, one in the Conservation Area, and we particularly need your comments on those.
  • Section 5 is the key one, setting out the Policies and Site Allocations (as above, currently only possible sites).
  • A number of other issues have been raised during consultation (e.g. traffic, and health services) but these are outside the scope of a Neighbourhood Plan, so trust us that we have packed as many topics as we possibly can into the draft.
  • The introduction (p.17) explains how policies, objectives and explanations are presented.
  • Policy text is always for planning anoraks because it has to be so carefully drafted to fit the law and be able to resist legal challenges later from developers and others ….. but comments welcomed.
  • The Explanations are very much draft, so comments needed on those too please.
  • Mentions are made of Reports to back up policies with evidence. A few of these are almost done, others are in very rough draft, so we’ll be sharing those later.
  • The possible projects list on p.35 is very much work in progress so, add, delete, amend you wish.
  • (PS. From Place Studio – we’re really enjoying working on this!)

There is more work to do to finish the evidence reports, finally agree the sites and do a glossy version of the plan, after which there will be the first formal consultation called Regulation 14; another chance to comment. 

The Regulation 14 process also seeks comments from Wiltshire and organisations such as Historic England. If that does not throw up fundamental changes, its heads-down to a Submission Plan, at which point there is a formal Examination before the final Referendum. With Covid-19 uncertainties, it is not really possible to offer a definitive time frame but there is now a full draft!

Email with your comments please.