Regulation 14 Community Consultation

This consultation is on the draft Aldbourne Neighbourhood Plan, a plan for our parish that, once in force, will be used in the determination of planning applications.

It is now ready for you to read and pass back your comments. A hard copy will be available at the Library, Post Office, Heritage Centre, and Time at the Forge.

Please leave comments via our online form or download the offline form.

This consultation period runs from

20th September to 15th November 2021

Thank you to all those who let us have their views in response to previous informal consultations about land use in the parish of Aldbourne.

All of those comments were taken into consideration to formulate the draft Neighbourhood Plan and we are now in the first formal consultation stage where we are asking you to comment on it.

This is known as Regulation 14 in the legal process. As a reminder, our Neighbourhood Plan is a planning document with legal status and will be used as part of the planning application process for new developments or changes to existing buildings. It also provides a good reference document when considering other community matters. It aims to meet the needs of our community arising from public consultations and surveys about:

  • Affordable housing for those, of all ages, who cannot afford open market housing
  • Community infrastructure: parking spaces, sports facilities
  • Protection of our natural environment
  • Landscapes in the surrounding area
  • Open spaces within our communities
  • Protection of our heritage: listed buildings, historical sites, buildings of special interest
  • Protection against speculative and unwanted development

The Plan covers the years up to 2036

The Plan has been produced over the last four years by a Steering Group of local councillors and community representatives with support from consultants Place Studio.

Sometimes different community needs can be conflicting, such as the wish for more affordable housing, but a desire to keep our green spaces. In the Plan, using firm evidence, we have tried to retain the right balance to give the best overall outcome for everyone.

Statutory consultees are being contacted and we need our community’s views too.  Please read the draft Plan, along with its supporting evidence, and let us know what you think.

Wiltshire Council’s consultation on its Local Plan is running too. This is a different more strategic document but will be influenced by our Neighbourhood Plan and this consultation.

Following this first formal public consultation, the Plan will be reviewed and may be amended in the light of comments received.  It will then be passed with its supporting documents to Wiltshire Council where it is checked against legislation (this part of the legal process is Regulation 15).

Responsibility then rests with Wiltshire Council which will undertake a further formal consultation (known as Regulation 16) before the Plan is subject to formal examination by an Independent Examiner.

Following any amendments, the Plan will go to a local referendum in 2022. With a majority yes vote, the Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’ and becomes part of the statutory development plan for our area

Neighbourhood Plan Documents

The documents below are available for download.

01. Aldbourne NDP Part A 
02. Aldbourne NDP Part B – Community Character & Design Statement
03. Consultation Statement

    Appendix 1 – Evidence Reports

    01. Item 1 Assessments & Site Allocations

    This document is subdivided into 5 sections

    1. SOA Report
    2. Aldbourne Housing Needs Survey
    3. Site Allocations Report

    02. Item 2 Flooding Report
    03. Item 3 Heritage Report
    04. Item 4 Locally Valued Heritage Assets Report
    05. Item 5 Local Green Space Report
    06. Item 6 Green and Blue Infrastructure
    07. Item 7 Community Facilities Report
    08. Item 8 Employment Evidence Report
    09. Item 9 Safety Around the Village Report
    10. Item 10 Play Areas Audit
    11. Item 11 Initial Character Areas Assessment Report
    12. Item 12 SEA/HRA

    This document is subdivided into 5 sections

    1. SEA/HRA Overview note
    2. SEA Screening Decision
    3. Aldbourne HRA Report
    4. SEA Scoping Report
    5. SEA Environmental Report
    13. Item 13 Sustainability Report