Your Neighbourhood Development Plan needs your input. Our parish has many locally valued heritage assets (for example: the bus shelter, the pumps on the corner of West Street & Back Lane and opposite the bus shelter near the pond) and we invite you to let us know of other assets you would like listed as ‘Locally Valued Assets’ in the Plan.

Please do read the introduction document which explains why this survey is being conducted and how important it is to the community. Also attached is the survey form for you to enter the heritage assets you think should be listed in the Plan.

Click to download: Locally Valued Heritage Assets – Introduction

Click to download: Locally Valued Heritage Assets – Survey Form

Please email the completed form to: as soon as possible. Thank you.

The Plan is a very important document for the Parish and should reflect the desires and aspirations of local residents.  The Plan will shape the future development within this parish; how local needs will be met in keeping with the scale and size of the village. 

We hope to be sharing the draft Plan with you in the near future and will value your views.