What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Our village environment, its facilities and its future development matter to all who live in the village and parish.

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Your Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) will give our community a say on the type of development that takes place in the village and parish of Aldbourne over the next 10 to 20 years.

The NDP Steering Group is working with Planning Consultants to deliver the best possible NDP for the community. As part of the Parish Council, the steering group consists of councillors and members of the community.

Steering Group of Neighbourhood Development Plan:

Cllr. Anne Deuchar, Ms. Carey Wallin, Cllr. Charlie Williams, Cllr. Scott Henderson

Email: aldbourne.np@gmail.com / T: 07887 924539

St Michael’s School Students

We asked Year 6 at St. Michael’s School for their ideas on what they think their village will need in the future.  The images below show some very interesting ideas from the children.  Our thanks to St. Michael’s School.

A Neighbourhood Plan Can

  • Propose more development than in the Wiltshire Core Strategy
  • Shape and direct future development
  • Help to determine what type of development should take place
  • Identify the most suitable local sites for development

A Neighbourhood Plan Cannot

  • Propose less growth than in the Wiltshire Core Strategy
  • Prevent any development from ever taking place in an area
  • Be prepared with no input or support from the local community
  • Be in conflict with local, national or EU policies

What does the Wiltshire Core Strategy mean for our county?

The Wiltshire Core Strategy aims to

  • Deliver a thriving economy
  • Address climate change
  • Provide everyone access to a decent home
  • Build resilient communities
  • Protect and enhance the natural, historic and built environment
  • Provide adequate infrastructure

Reference maps and Documents

Aldbourne – Map of Parish Boundary

2017-Proposed Changes-Aldbourne Settlement Boundary Map

Aldbourne Conservation Area, Listed buildings and current Settlement Boundary Map

Aldbourne Community Plan 2011

Local surveys and community events carried out by the NDP team

Local Green Spaces Community Survey

Call For Sites

NDP Design Day

Housing Needs Survey