The following has been received from Wiltshire Council in relation to waste/recycling collections in Aldbourne.

From 28 June 2021, 12% of Wiltshire households will have their recycling containers emptied on a different collection round. All affected households will receive a letter from Wiltshire Council advising of the upcoming changes, to be posted on 7 June 2021. We are only sending letters to households where there is a change in collection round or collection day. Only a few recycling rounds are changing, and no other collection services are affected.
363 households in Aldbourne will be impacted. 181 will experience a day change and, of these, 180 properties will move from MDR and residual collections being on different days, opposite weeks, to containers needing to be presented on the same day, same week. Streets affected include The Garlings, The Butts, Farm Lane and Turnpike.