Cycling Challenge for St. Michael’s School

We (Thea and Max) have decided to set ourselves a REAL challenge in the hope that it will inspire you to sponsor us to raise as much money as we can for the school we both love. Please click the link below and thank you for helping us in this challenge.

On the weekend of 15th & 16th Aug we will be cycling 100KM… along the ridgeway to Avebury stone circle, and have somehow roped in our dads to accompany us.. (I’m thinking perhaps our mums had a say in that..?)

In short – we need your help!

Our fantastic school, St Michael’s, has been running out of space for a while now as pupil numbers have risen steadily over the past few years. This squeeze on space now becomes an even more pressing issue as we have to prepare for a ‘new normal’ school environment.