Goddards Play Area Survey

The Parish Council has been asked to consider installing some steps into the bank in the Goddards Play area by the slide. This would allow parents to sit at the tables but have quick access down to the main field if their child needed help. Rather than having to traverse the steep bank or walk to either end where it is less steep.

However, due to a need for there to be equal access, if the Council was to consider this it would need to be a path or possibly a hand rail on one side of the bank (where it is less steep). The costs for installing either of these is likely to be around £800.

The Parish Council is keen to hear from users of the play area as to whether they feel this is an issue and if they feel something needs to be done about it.

Please either email the clerk (aldbournepc@yahoo.co.uk) or speak to Cllr Edmonds to let them know your thoughts. Or complete a quick online survey. Click here for survey

Thank you

NB: This anonymous survey is not binding; it is being used to get an idea of whether the project is worth proceeding with or not.