Ground Water Levels Update

The ground water levels, as measured from the Water Acre borehole (just outside the village), have unsurprisingly been rising rapidly, even without any rain in the last few days. The levels currently stands at 139.5 meters and infiltration into the sewers, and thus surcharging, usually occurs when the levels reach 140/141 meters. Thames Water are in the processing of organising the deployment of the ATAC unit in The Square. The unit relieves pressure on the sewer system and therefore reduces the risk of the sewers surcharging. It is not ideal, but is better than a constant stream of tankers coming to the village night and day.

There are some natural springs emerging along South Street, as yet there have been no reports of springs emerging in any houses.

The Flood Wardens and the Parish Council continue to monitor the situation. A copy of the Flood Plan can be viewed on the website. Select here to view the plan