Interested in Solar Panels?

From Carbon Neutral Aldbourne

Got the info about our partnership with Sunsave but still confused about what a solar subscription is? Read on…

Sunsave is a solar and battery company on a mission to make solar accessible to all UK households. They’ve launched the UK’s first solar subscription, Sunsave Plus, which allows you to switch to solar at no upfront cost. Instead, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee.

How does it work?

Once you let Sunsave know you’re interested in switching to solar, one of their experts will reach out to you with a free quote and savings estimate. Your fixed monthly fee covers everything you need to switch to solar, including:

1. Best-in-class solar panels and battery

2. Your installation

3. 20-year Sunsave Guarantee covering free replacement parts, monitoring and maintenance, insurance provided by Aviva and more

Once you’re set up, you’ll see instant savings on your energy bills, and you’ll also be able to earn money for any excess electricity you sell back to the grid. Sunsave is proud to be partnered with Octopus Energy to provide customers with the best export tariffs on the market, so you can make the most money selling back to the grid.

If you’d like to find out what savings you could make with solar, come to the drop in event:

St Michael’s School, Wednesday 22nd May, 2.30 – 7pm

And don’t forget… If at least 10 people sign up for a solar subscription Sunsave will put panels on our lovely primary school for FREE

Please note: Aldbourne Website and Aldbourne Parish Council are helping Carbon Neutral to promote this offer more widely but this should not be taken as an endorsement of this product by either. Householders should evaluate the project for themselves before proceeding.