Message from the Chairman of the Parish Council


As a village we have always pulled together in difficult times and we will do so again in this current situation.

We need to have a sensible and caring approach and get to know all our neighbours. If some are going to be in ‘self isolation’ let them know that you are willing to do shopping, collect prescriptions etc. Phone to see how they are, a short friendly chat can be very uplifting.

A form has been uploaded on the Parish Council Facebook page and Parish Council website that you can use to let your neighbours know you are there and ready to help out if needed.

If a group of you get together to offer help then the extra shopping etc can be shared out.

For up to date information go to the Wiltshire Council website and the Ramsbury & Wanborough Surgery. Both are the best place to get up to date and correct information on what is happening.

We will become an even stronger and united village.

Cllr. A. Edmonds, Chair