Police Parish Report Jul-Sept 2023

Aldbourne Parish Report

Crimes and incidents
Wiltshire Police record crimes and incidents in accordance with the National Crime and incident recording standards. Not all incidents that one would consider a crime are necessarily classified as a crime for recording purposes.

NB- The below statistics do not account for incidents that police respond to but do not need any follow up (Road traffic incidents, minor incidents of Anti-social behaviour)

From: 1st July 2023- 30th Sept 2023
6 crimes and 6 incidents have been recorded in the Aldbourne Parish area.

0 Dwelling burglaries have been reported

1x Tractor roller has been stolen from a garden. Built around 1950 and with an approximate value of £2000

Having reviewed the crime data for the area – There are no apparent trends that are presented or a series of crimes that are linked.

Speed enforcement
There have been no speed checks conducted in Aldbourne during this period. Speed checks were conducted in Baydon and Chilton Foliat on 3rd October resulting in one driver being given words of advice.

Community consultations
Although we have not had a drop-in surgery in Aldbourne, there have been 16 community engagements locally during this period.

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