Potholes, fly tipping and many other issues

There is a huge range of issues that can be reported via the Wiltshire Council MyWilts system, including the current hot topic of conversation POTHOLES. You can download the app, or use it via your PC/laptop. After selecting your issue, find the location on the map which comes up and add your report. Pictures are useful, but please do not put yourself at any risk by taking them. You can also quickly see whether that issue has been reported or not already. The Parish Council is always happy to report issues that residents find, but can only use this system too, which does not speed it up or add any extra importance to the report. https://my.wiltshire.gov.uk/

If you find any potholes in the Swindon or West Berkshire areas, they also have their own dedicated reporting systems that work in a similar way to the Wiltshire one but are only available via a browser. https://www.swindon.gov.uk/info/20040/road_safety_maintenance_and_repairs/339/report_a_pothole