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Aldbourne & Baydon Sickness Aid Fund
Sandra Barnes
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Community Groups
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The Aldbourne and Baydon Aid in Sickness Fund (The Fund) was set up to “benefit the sick or those in financial difficulty due to sickness”. The Fund loans residents of the two parishes (or their short-term visitors) items of medical equipment which perhaps should have been loaned on their discharge from hospital. The Fund also gives small grants to residents.
All enquiries about medical equipment and grants are welcome, including those made by friends or neighbours. Any of those named below can loan out medical equipment or pass back details of people who might benefit from a small grant for consideration by Trustees.
A little history. The Fund has provided support to residents of the two villages for many years. The formation of the NHS led (in about 1953) to the funds in Aldbourne’s defunct branch of WW2’s District Nursing Association being given a ‘change of purpose’ under Charity Commission rules and becoming The Aldbourne and Baydon Aid in Sickness Fund.
Sandra Barnes (Aldbourne) tel 540161
David Hill (Baydon) tel 540789
Anthony Evans (Aldbourne) tel 540206
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01672 540161