Suspension of all public worship in the Church of England

It has been announced that, as of the 17th March, the Archbishops have regretfully suspended all public worship in the Church of England, so there will be no public services in the Whitton Team of Churches (Aldbourne, Axford, Baydon, Chilton Foliat, Froxfield, Ramsbury) until further notice. This will, sadly, cover Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter. We are also having to suspend Cake & Company, Sparklers and Flying Fishes, at least for the time being.

We will keep our churches open as places of prayer and comfort. Hand gel or washing facilities, tissues and bins will be available, as well as aids to prayer. We will ask people to keep a safe distance from each other, and will institute a regime for sanitising door handles, etc on a regular basis. More information will be provided as soon as we have it.

Please see for updates, a full statement from the Whitton Team and a link to the Archbishops’ letter.

On a practical note, there is a great deal we can do. Ramsbury already has plans in hand for providing support for the vulnerable. In Aldbourne the Church Community Contacts have been asked to put a note through each door on the their “patch”, offering help and giving contact details, if support is required, so that a support network can be co-ordinated without duplication or missed need. See the contact details below. Please don’t forget the Food Banks in all of this – existing needs aren’t going to disappear just because others have arisen!

News and Notices page on the Whitton Team Website for updates.

Contact Details on the Whitton Team Website