Your vote – your village – 23rd March

The Neighbourhood Plan referendum polling cards may have arrived for you to vote on 23rd March.

For all the information about the Neighbourhood Plan and why its so important for this community, please go to

It’s your choice: do you want more local control over Aldbourne’s future?

Q: Can any local resident vote in the referendum?

A: As with all formal votes, it is only open to those on the electoral roll.

Q: If our Plan goes ahead, will it make any real difference?

A: Planning is always a matter of balance and judgement but Wiltshire Council would be legally required to take account of our Plan on any future planning applications.

Q: If our Plan fails to get support, would that stop the proposed development along Lottage Road?

A: That is very unlikely. The Plan Examiner supported the allocation so Wiltshire Council will most likely follow that advice. And, without our Plan, we would have no more control than usual about the final details of the scheme.

Q: If it goes forward, how long would the Neighbourhood Plan be in place for?

A: As of today (February 17th 2023), it is just 2 years, but the government’s next changes will, very soon, make that 5 years.

Q: A new Local Plan is on its way so will that supersede any Plan of ours?

A: Not really because our Neighbourhood Plan is so specific to Aldbourne. If changes are needed, they can be addressed through a quick review of our Plan.

Q: If there is just one aspect of our Plan I do not support, what happens if I vote ‘no’?

A: There will not be any opportunity to vote on specific aspects of the Plan. The vote is on the Plan as a whole so everything would go if one aspect caused too many ‘no’ votes.

Q: How long after the vote, if it is in support, would our Plan be fully in use?

A: Probably a month or two.

Q: If there are things in our Plan that Wiltshire Council do not support, can they block it or change it?

A: No. 

Q:  Do I need ID to vote at this Referendum?

A: Voter ID does not come into force until May 2023.  Which means you will not require ID to vote at this Referendum.